V1 Fatbar on bike
V1 stabilizer
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Black
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Blue
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Green
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Grey
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Orange
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Purple
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Red
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Red
GPR V1 Steering Stabilizer in Yellow

The GPRV1, the original design.

Well close to it. It still retains approximately the same shape as the original, but the internals and adjustments, sensitivity, sweep breaks were all fine tuned over the years.The end result is a steering damper that is very reliable durable, re-build-able and best of all...affordable. The steering damper that has won hundreds of off-road championships and road racing championships around the world is the same "budget" steering damper you can get at your local dealer.

With applications cover dirt bikes and sport bikes back to the early nineties, this is your best bet of finding a great damper solution. Many off-road racers, professional / armatures and weekend warriors all rely the consistent damping and durability in this original design and prefer to stick with it. "It works great! Why change it?" is something we hear all the time. There has got to be at least 30-40 thousand of these GPRV1's out there, and you can count on us to be there in the future for all you service and upgrade needs.

GPRV1 Stabilizer was the first steering damper to offer the customers a wide selection of consistent anodized colors. Freedom of choice! Hey, we ride too. We know how everyones bike is as individual as the owner. Nothing like a little extra personalizing.

FB = FAT BAR (1-1/8")

GPR V1 Stabilizer Mount Kit


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