Hyperpro GP 032 (Pair)
Hyperpro GP 031
Hyperpro GP 031 with Rings
Hyperpro GP 032
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Hyperpro GP 033 (Pair)
Hyperpro GP 041
Hyperpro GP 041 with Mounts
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Hyperpro Suspension GP Series Shocks

Sku: HP-S-YA10-210SX
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GP Series Replacement Shocks

Our race range of fully adjustable "GP" shocks has all the advantages of a race shock on the road. Combined with a Hyperpro Spring, the CNC machined "GP" shocks are available for mono shock bikes.

The Progressive Rate Shock Spring included with each complete shock assembly is essential to what gives Hyperpro its outstanding riding characteristics. Progressive rate fork springs eliminate wheel chatter and ensure maximum tyre contact with the road for increased cornering speed and longer tyre life.



• High performance construction

• Billet machined piggyback bottom

• Radial piston with straight flow and preload

• Gold Titanium / Nitride Piston Rod

• Anti-block system prevents hydraulic lock

• High and low speed compression (30 clicks ea)

• Rebound Adjustment (44 clicks)

• Length adjustment

• Threaded spring preload adjustment

• Progressive rate spring



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