Michelin Bib Mousse's come with one tube of mousse gel for installation. Gel is also available separately
Michelin Mousse Lubricant Gel
Michelin Mousse Gel

Bib-Mousse is designed for off-road racing Marked NHS (not for highway service), it should never be used on paved roads. Using Bib-Mousse with other brands of tyres is also not advised.

Bib-Mousse should not be stored for long periods at temperatures higher than 30°C.

The maximum useful life of a Bib-Mousse is six months from the date of installation on the motorcycle. This period could be significantly reduced in cases of intensive use. For example, the useful life will be much shorter for motocross applications than in enduro use.

When new, Bib-Mousse simulates air pressure equivalent to 0.9 bar. This pressure will decrease gradually over the life of the product. Replace the Bib-Mousse when it becomes too soft for safe riding.

At the start of each ride, take care to bring the tyre and Bib-Mousse up to operating temperature gradually.
When installing a previously used Bib-Mousse, you must re-lubricate it using only Michelin Bib-Mousse Mounting Gel.

Michelin Bib Mousse Inner Tubes

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