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When Michelin set about the massive task of producing a better tyre than the legendary Pilot Power 2CT, they had to set the bar very high and then leap over it.

The aim was a tyre that suited Hypersport and Supersport bikes over 600cc, mainly sport road trips and a few track days (85% road/15% track).

They identified that the rider had a high interest in tyre performance and extracting maximum riding pleasure from their motorcycle.

They knew the rider would be searching on the internet to get technical information and tests, so the tyre had to be outstanding.

Thus the Pilot Power 3 was born, with the new generation 2CT (2 Compound Technology) front and rear.

The new Power 3 behaves and handles just like the Pilot Power 2CT, generating a feel that makes the rider confident and stable.

Dekra tests proved they were on the right track with dry lap times quicker than Dunlop Sportsmart and wet lap times exceeding the wet weather favourite, Power Pure (market reference for wet grip) by -2s.

All important braking distance on wet road was significantly shorter than the Power Pure and all competitors (Dekra test against Power Pure, Sportsmart, 520, Diablo Rosso II) and a tyre life better than the Dunlop Sportsmart (Dekra longevity test against Sportsmart, 520, Diablo Rosso II).



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