NS-N111 Pros3 Race Numbers
ATV MX Background Colours - as per MNZ rules
Juniors and Minis Backgrounds - as per MNZ rules
The MNZ Motocross Background and Number Colours as per their rulebook - don't forget to check official sizes of letters and numbers
N-Style Number Backgrounds
Trials & Short Track Backgrounds - as per MNZ rules
NS-N1051 96 KTM 250, 300, 360, 550 Impact Graphics
NS-N30-1008 Bridgestone Universal Graphics

N-Style Precut Number backgrounds and universal sheets.

N-style N111 (Pro3.) 6" Race numbers.

 MNZ Background and number rules can be viewed by clicking thumbnails below.

Also listed below: Dirt Digits Run out stock of Backgrounds and Race numbers for

Older Dirtbikes.

N Style Backgrounds and Numbers


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  • #PRECUT BG RMZ450 WHITE 05-06
  • #PRECUT BG CRF450 YELLOW 05-07
  • #PRECUT BG RMZ450 YELLOW 05-06
  • #PRECUT BG 04-05 CRF250 YELLOW
  • #PRECUT BG 03-05 YZF250/450 YE
  • #PRECUT 04-05 KXF250 YELLOW
  • #PRECUT BG YZF250/450 GRN 06-
  • #PRECUT BLUE 03-05 YZF250/450
  • #KTM125/250 1996 IMPACT GRAPHI
  • #PRECUT BG 92-4CR250 93-4CR125 NS-N14-WHITE
  • #PRECUT BG 92-4CR250 93-4CR125 NS-N14-YELLOW
  • #PRECUT BG 95-6 CR125/250 YLW
  • #PRECUT BG RM80 89-94 WHITE

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