Micro LED Indicators - Resistors (RGR0002)
Resistors for Micro Bulb indicators
Pair of 7W Resistors
R&G LED Flasher Relay : Universal (2-pin)
R&G LED Flasher Relay : Universal (3-pin)
R&G LED Flasher Relay : 2-pin, OEM block for most Honda, Kawasaki & Yamaha
R&G LED Flasher Relay : 7-pin, for all Suzukis 2001 onwards

Are your micro / mini indicators flashing incorrectly? In many cases, after fitting micro / mini indicators, you will find that the indicators flash too fast or too slow. To stop this, R&G Resistors can be fitted which should solve the problem.

  • NO wire cutting or soldering is required, these resistors fit inline
  • Supplied as a pair

RGR0001:  Resistors / Relays for Bulb indicators
RGR0002:  Resistors / Relays for Micro LED Indicators


We recommend all motorcycle parts are fitted and tested by qualified professionals.
If you are unsure about the part choice for your bike, please contact us before purchase.

R&G - Resistors / Relays for Micro Indicators

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Stock Item
  • Inline Resistors (pairs) for Bulb type
  • Inline Resistors (pairs) 21W for LED type
  • Inline Resistors pair 7W Duke with micro indicators
  • R&G 2-pin universal LED Indicator Relay
  • R&G 3-pin universal LED Indicator Relay
  • R&G OEM block LED indicator Honda- Kawasaki- Yamaha
  • R&G 7-pin universal LED Indicator Relay Suzuki

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