EK-520SRO6-120B - EK 520 chain measuring 120 links long, in black (limited edition)
EK Chain SRO Series
EK-520SRO6-120O - EK 520 chain measuring 120 links long, in orange (limited edition)
EK-520SRO6-120R - EK 520 chain measuring 120 links long, in red (limited edition)
EK Chain Connecting Link explanations

SRO Series General Purpose O-Ring EK Chains - 520 - Black Coloured - Limited Edition

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Available (limited edition), in the SRO6 range, are the 520 chains, 120 links long, in black, red, orange and blue.

A quality O-Ring chain at an affordable price for street and dual purpose bikes. The SRO5/SRO6 chain is also suitable for ATV's.

The SRO series chains offer a value-priced O-ring chain that will not compromise on quality or durability.

Features include: lightening holes* (except for the 420SRO and the 428SRO), high-tech heat-treated steel alloys and all the exact same quality and craftmanship that EK puts into their entire product line.

420 and 428 chains come standard with SKJ clip-type (semi-press fit) connecting links which is easy to install and very similar to a standard SPJ link. The SKJ's re-designed link plate requires additional pressure to push onto the connecting pins but offers increased dependability and a tighter fit. Comes standard with many motocross, off-road, ATV and drag racing chains. Can be easily installed with a pair of pliers.

520 upwards chains come complete with the MLJ (rivet-type) connecting link which is EK Chain's most dependable connecting link and more commonly used on street machines. Requires special riveting tool to install.

Different optional connecting links are available.



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