EK Chain - General Purpose Non-sealed Heavy Duty Chain is another option for smaller displacement motorcycle owners
EK Chain General Purpose Standard chain is an option for the smaller displacement motorcycle owners (also available in heavy duty version)
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EK Chain Connecting Link explanations

Standard Non-Sealed General Purpose EK Chains

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EK's standard non-sealed chains are manufactured to meet or exceed their strict quality control requirements.

Almost any small motorcycle can now benefit from EK's race proven product line.

EK's commitment to providing a top quality product at a reasonable price is second to none.

Clip type connecting links (slip fit) (SPJ) come standard. These are easy to install and can be installed with a standard pair of pliers. Pin link connecting links (PL) are an optional alternative. The pin link is a plain outside link that requires special tooling for installation. The outside pin link has no clip or mechanism for easy installation and looks like a "seamless" chain when installed. Installation tooling is not available from EK for this type of connecting link.

See also the catalogue entry for a heavy duty version.


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