NGK manufacture all types of glow plugs featuring the latest technology in the reduction of exhaust gas emissions.

  • Designed for heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles
  • Reduces exhaust gas emissions
  • Improves starting performance of diesel engines


We recommend all motorcycle parts are fitted and tested by qualified professionals.
If you are unsure about the part choice for your bike, please contact us before purchase.

NGK Glow Plugs

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Stock Item
  • NGK Glow Plug Y103V 2031
  • I NGK Glow Plug Y-107V 6628
  • I NGK Glow Plug Y203V 7728
  • NGK Glow Plug Y701J 5116
  • NGK Glow Plug Y702R 1065
  • I NGK Glow Plug 5376
  • NGK Glow Plug YE01 2649
  • I NGK Glow Plug 92657
  • I NGK Glow Plug CZ552

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