Spectro Heady Duty cover
SPECTRO Heavy Duty Mineral 50w
SPECTRO Heavy Duty Mineral 20w50
Spectro 25w60 HD256R
Heavy Duty Motorcycle Engine Oil - HD25T
SPECTRO Heavy Duty Mineral 20w50 208L

Heavy Duty Motorcycle Engine Oil

Spectro Heavy Duty Engine Oil is a superior motor lubricant designed specifically for use in American-made Harley® V-Twin engines. Crafted from superior petroleum stocks combined with the most advanced anti-wear, anti-carbon additive systems available, Spectro Heavy Duty extends component life, reduces wear, eliminates valve sticking. Meets all known OEM warranty requirements.

Exceeds A.P.I. SF/SG – CD/CG - 4.

Available In:

20w50 - 0.946L, 3.786lt, 60l, 208l

20w60 - 0.946lt

50w - 0.946L 



SPECTRO Heavy Duty Motorcycle Engine Oil

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  • SAE50 .946lt Heavy Duty Spectro mineral oil
  • 20w50 .946lt Heavy Duty Spectro mineral HD2050R
  • 20w50 3.786lt Heavy Duty mineral Spectro HD2050T ^
  • 25w60 .946lt Heavy Duty Spectro mineral (R.HD256)
  • 20w50 208lt Heavy Duty Spectro mineral (Z.HD25)

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