Two of the great market leaders, D.I.D Chains and JT Sprockets, have combined to give you the ideal package for ATV / UTV chain and sprockets.

D.I.D Chains: 

  • Tested under the most rigorous conditions
  • Provide resistance to wear, durability against fatigue, and quiet operation
  • Trusted and highly rated brand and products
  • Used in major motorcycle races, such as MotoGP, World Endurance Championships, Motocross, and the Paris-Dakar Rally
  • D.I.D is the Number 1 global brand for chains
  • Made in Japan

JT Sprockets:

  • Made with high quality steel
  • Fully heat-treated (nearly all cheaper sprockets are only surface hardened. Once the hardened surface is worn the sprocket life is diminished)
  • Every JT sprocket is made by hobbing, machining and drilling - the only way to achieve the closest tolerances and the best tooth profiles
  • Every sprocket goes through 10 individual quality control checks before it leaves the factory
  • Quality guaranteed


We recommend all parts are fitted and tested by qualified professionals.
If you are unsure about the part choice for your ATV, please contact us before purchase.

DID Chain & JT Sprockets Kit - ATV

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Stock Item
  • V-Raptor 1000 OE 513.16RB 499.40 530ZVMX2110G
  • TRX90 93-02 O'Ring 277.13 1355.50 428V120
  • TRX90 Econ (OE:98) 277.13 1355.50 428D100
  • TRX300EX O'Ring 1352.13 1350.38 520VX3100
  • TRX300EX O'Ring OEM:100 1352.13 1350.38 520V110
  • TRX300EX Econ 1352.13 1350.38 520DZ100G
  • TRX400EX X'Ring (OE:92) 1322.15 1350.38 520VX3100
  • TRX400EX O'Ring OEM:92 1322.15 1350.38 520V110
  • TRX400EX Econ (OE:92) 1322.15 1350.38 520DZ100G
  • TRX400EX OE (OE:94) 1309.14 1350.38 520VX3100
  • TRX400EX O'Ring OEM:94 1309.14 1350.38 520V110

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