SPECTRO Golden Cartridge 85/150 5w Fork Fluid
Golden Cartridge light Fork Fluid 125/150  7.5w

Spectro Cartridge fork oil is formulated specifically to service modern inverted cartridge style forks. A semi-synthetic blend of the world’s leading base stocks, as well as anti-foaming and anti-wear additives, “Golden Cartridge Fork” provides zero stiction, conditions seals, and provides smoother operation. Designed for use in Kayaba, Showa and Marzocchi forks.

  • Grades available: 5w; 7.5w  


SPECTRO Golden Cartridge Fork Fluid

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  • Fork Fluid 7.5w -Light 125/150 1L Cartridge Fork Oil Golden Spectro
  • Fork Fluid 5w -Very Light 85/150 1L Cartridge Fork Oil Golden Spectro

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