Vesrah Oil Seals, many say in the field, do not leak. The secrets are selection of material and precision Japanese design and engineering.

Material: Vesrah seals are made of the material specifically defined for Reciprocal motion oil seal by JIS B 2402-4 Standard. This material possesses much higher wear-resistance against reciprocal motions than materials used for oil seal for rotation, such as NBR or polyurethane rubber materials.

Our material is a little more expensive than other materials used for oil seal (rotation). "But it does not LEAK !" 

Design: Vesrah seals are designed and manufactured through strict adherence to O.E. specifications; for example each seal lip is individually machined to give ideal contact


VESRAH Front Fork Seals

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  • *27x37x7.5 DR3 Fork sealsv
  • 31x43x10 DRD2 Fork seals FS42-9005
  • 33x46x11 DRD2 Fork seals Vesrah
  • 35x48x11 DRD2 Fork sealsv
  • 36x48x11 DRD2 Fork sealsv
  • 37x50x11 DRD2 Fork sealsv FS42-9024
  • 38x50x10.5 DR3 Fork sealv FS42-9013
  • 38x50x8/9.5 DR2 Fork v seals
  • 39x52x11 DRD2 Fork sealsv A037
  • 41x54x11 DRD2 YZ Fork v seals FS42-9000
  • 41x53x8/10.5 DRD2 Fork v seals
  • 43x55x9.5/10.5 DRD2 Forkv seals
  • 43x54x11 DRD2 Fork seals v A053
  • 43x55x9.5/10.50 DR3 Forkv seals

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